Drying/Heating Ovens with Forced Convection and Program Functions, FP Series, BINDER

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Drying/Heating Ovens with Forced Convection and Program Functions, FP Series, BINDER
Testing Chambers Temperature Test Chambers
Forced convection ovens are ideal for sterilization, drying processes, heat treatments, thermal storage, and testing

These ovens maintain homogeneous temperature distribution and symmetrical airflow throughout the entire inner chamber for precise heating results. The short recovery time after door opening decreases temperature fluctuation. The minimal heat-up time and high air transfer rate ensure fast, intensive drying performance; especially on materials with high moisture content.

The inner chamber is composed of Type 304 stainless steel with rounded edges and internally welded seams for easy cleaning. The completely tempered interior prevents condensation and ensures moisture deposits will not impair drying results.The 50mm (2") diameter exhaust air flap and adjustable fan speed are suitable for a broad range of applications and industry standards.

High-quality insulation reduces heat dissipation, contributing to an active reduction in ambient temperature; removing the need for additional air conditioning in the lab. The low external housing temperature (50°C maximum) provides protection from burns. The independent thermostat Class 2, according to DIN 12880 has a visual temperature alarm.

The FP oven features an MP controller with 2 programs with 10 sections each or 1 program with 20 sections. The time interval of each program section can be adjusted up to a maximum of 99.59 hours. The adjustment applies to all program sections. There is also a weekly program timer with real-time function and an adjustable ramp function via the program editor. The FP model includes an RS-422 interface port.

The Advanced Preheating Technology (APT.line™) provides temperature accuracy of 1°C with a wide temperature range from 5° above ambient to 300 °C.

Certifications: The 115 and 208V models are UL listed. The 230V models are CE marked.

Ordering information: Supplied with two chrome-plated shelves.
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