FlaskScrubber® Vantage Glassware Washer, Labconco®

Supplier: Labconco
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FlaskScrubber® Vantage Glassware Washer, Labconco®
Glassware Washers
Freestanding washer with specialized features for thoroughly clean, dry labware, for use in contamination-sensitive research

Temperatures up to 93°C (199°F) may be programmed for wash and rinse cycles to remove lipids and sanitize glassware. Up to six purified water rinses may be programmed to ensure that no water soluble contaminants are introduced. Water rinses can use pressurized or non-pressurized water. Separate water pumps for washing and draining reduce the potential for cross-contamination. Steam generator produces hot vapor to penetrate and remove dried residue. The forced air drying system operates through the spindles and incorporates a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter to remove airborne particulates. Drying is programmable from 37.7 to 70°C (100 to 158°F) for up to 250 minutes.

Accessories include an upper spindle rack and specialized inserts for pipets, BOD bottles, culture dishes, culture tubes, and small utensils that enhance the washer’s versatility.

Door, sides, and interior are constructed of rugged Type 304 stainless steel to withstand heavy use and nonporous interior finish provides a corrosion-resistant surface and reduces contaminant buildup. The absence of a central water distribution tower allows for greater glassware capacity. Liquid detergent and rinse aid store in door and dispense automatically. Adjustable cycle programs allow full control in setting the right combination of water temperature, detergent and rinse aid amounts, wash and rinse times, and number of rinses. Washer includes ten factory-set cycle programs. Microprocessor control with liquid crystal display allows cycle customizing, operation monitoring, and alarm display. Memory stores both factory-set and user-set programs for reproducible protocols. The RS-232 port provides a means to document settings and actual washing conditions. The unique viewing window with light lets you see each cycle in progress.

Ordering information: Washer includes eighteen 9.9Hcm (329/32") plastic glassware holders with Type 304 stainless steel height adjusment clips and a spindle rack that distributes up to 424L (112gal.) of water per minute. For additional unit accessories, see 97001-186 series. For LabSolutions™ detergents, see 60787-680 series.
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