VWR® UHPN2 Nitrogen Generator

Supplier: VWR
UHPN2-1100 UHPN2-1100-L1466
26000-008EA 24918.63 USD
CA26000-008 26000-008
VWR® UHPN2 Nitrogen Generator
Gas Generators Nitrogen Generators
These systems are engineered to transform standard compressed air into 99.99% or 99.9999% nitrogen.

  • Eliminate dangerous gas cylinders from lab
  • Use for Gas Chromatography, LC/MS, ICP, and Thermal Analysis

Nitrogen purification utilizes pressure swing adsorption for the removal of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. After nitrogen is purified, the gas is filtered through high efficiency coalescing prefilters and a 0.01µm (absolute) membrane filter. The generators are enclosed in small cabinets that fit on or beneath most benchtop work surfaces. Best for carrier gas applications.
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