VWR® Contour™ Standing Height Drawer Base Cabinet

Supplier: Avantor
VWR® Contour™
CWD-2306-A CFD-2318-A CFD-2328-A CFD-2306-A CWD-2504-A CWD-2328-A CWD-2302-A CFD-2304-B CFD-2812-A CFD-2308-A CWD-2812-A CWD-2304-B CWD-2316-A CFD-2304-A CFD-2502-A CWD-2304-A CWD-2326-A CFD-2302-A CFD-2316-A CWD-2308-A CFD-2504-A CFD-2326-A CWD-2502-A CWD-2318-A
CWD-2308-AEA 3170 USD
CWD-2308-A CWD-2502-A CWD-2306-A CWD-2328-A CWD-2318-A CFD-2318-A CFD-2308-A CFD-2328-A CFD-2304-B CFD-2306-A CFD-2316-A CFD-2326-A CFD-2304-A CWD-2304-A CFD-2504-A CWD-2304-B CWD-2316-A CWD-2326-A CFD-2302-A CWD-2504-A CWD-2302-A CFD-2502-A CFD-2812-A CWD-2812-A
VWR® Contour™ Standing Height Drawer Base Cabinet
Furniture Casework
Heavy-gauge steel full-frame construction.

  • Smooth, easy-to-maintain surfaces
  • Phosphate-coated with a baked, chemical-resistant, powder-coat finish
  • Manufactured of prime grade, cold-rolled, U.S. Standard sheet steel with no ragged edges

A 2.54 cm (1") thick work surface creates an overall height of 91.4 cm (36"). All cupboard cabinets have one full-width adjustable shelf.
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