VWR® Contour™ Finished Back Panels, Standing Height

Supplier: VWR International
VWR® Contour™
CWL-6036-F CFL-4230-F CFL-6036-F CFL-2430-F CWL-4836-F CFL-3636-F CFL-3030-F CWL-3636-F CFL-1836-F CFL-3630-F CWL-1830-F CFL-1830-F CFL-3036-F CWL-3630-F CFL-4236-F CWL-1836-F CWL-3036-F CWL-4236-F CFL-4836-F CWL-6030-F CFL-2436-F CWL-2436-F CWL-3030-F CFL-4830-F CFL-6030-F CWL-4230-F CWL-2430-F
CWL-4836-FEA 453 USD
CWL-4836-F CWL-3036-F CWL-1830-F CWL-6036-F CWL-3030-F CWL-4230-F CFL-1830-F CFL-4236-F CWL-6030-F CFL-1836-F CFL-4230-F CFL-4836-F CWL-1836-F CWL-4236-F CFL-2430-F CFL-3636-F CWL-2436-F CFL-3630-F CFL-2436-F CWL-3630-F CWL-3636-F CFL-3030-F CFL-6030-F CFL-4830-F CFL-6036-F CFL-3036-F CWL-2430-F
VWR® Contour™ Finished Back Panels, Standing Height
Furniture Casework
Phosphate-coated with a baked, chemical-resistant, powder-coat finish.

  • Smooth, easy-to-maintain surfaces
  • Panel adds 2.5 cm (1") to back of base cabinet
  • lLight neutral color

For backs of base cabinets exposed to view. Manufactured of prime grade, cold-rolled, U.S. Standard sheet steel with no ragged edges.
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