VWR® Self-Contained Nitrogen Generator

Supplier: Avantor
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VWR® Self-Contained Nitrogen Generator
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Self-contained membrane nitrogen generator produces LC/MS grade nitrogen with a maximum output pressure of 116psig and maximum flow capacity of 30L/min.

  • Continuous or on-demand nitrogen supply
  • Reliable, durable generator
  • Special sound insulation design ensures quiet operation

The membrane will not suppress corona needle discharge, unlike PSA and Hosmer technologies

Generator can deliver a continuous or on-demand supply of pure, phthalate-free nitrogen, making it an excellent alternative to cylinders or dewars. Reliable, durable generator has been engineered with oil-free compressors, carefully matched filtration, and membrane separation and compression technologies.

Ambient air is filtered using an inlet suction breather filter. The purified air is delivered to a long-life low pressure air compressor, which provides an air stream to hollow fiber membranes. These membranes separate the clean air into a concentrated nitrogen retentate and oxygen-enriched permeate. Prior to exiting the system, pure nitrogen retentate is delivered to a nitrogen amplification compressor to assure proper pressure, flow, and purity to the LC/MS system.

Additional applications include nebulizer gases, chemical and solvent evaporation, instrument supply and purge, evaporative light scattering equipment, and sparging. Also ideal for derivatives of ESi and APCi modes.
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