VWR® Hydrogen Generators (Fuel Gas)

Supplier: VWR
H2PEM510L1466 H2PEM165L1466 H2PEM260L146 H2PEM165L146 H2PEM510L146 H2PEM-100-L1466 H2PEM260L1466 H2PEM100
97001-256EA 29205.92 USD
CA97001-254 97001-256 CA97001-256 97001-250 CA97001-250 97001-252 CA97001-252 97001-254
VWR® Hydrogen Generators (Fuel Gas)
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VWR® Hydrogen Generators can operate continuously or be set to supply only as much hydrogen as needed for applications.

  • Eliminate dangerous gas cylinders from lab
  • Produce a continuous or on-demand supply of pure hydrogen

Generators are designed to produce hydrogen gas at a purity of 99.9995% or greater and only require 30.5 cm2 (1sq.ft.) of bench space. The hydrogen gas is produced by electrolytic dissociation of water before passing through a desiccant cartridge. Safety features include low-water audible alarms to indicate when the reservoir needs to be refilled and automatic shutdown to protect the equipment. Low maintenance systems eliminate inconvenient extended downtime.
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