BigEasy® v2.0 pJAZZ® Linear Cloning Kits, Biosearch Technologies

Supplier: Biosearch Technologies
BigEasy® pJAZZ®
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BigEasy® v2.0 pJAZZ® Linear Cloning Kits, Biosearch Technologies
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
Use these kits to maintain DNA that is otherwise unclonable

Kits are based on the linear cloning plasmids pJAZZ®, which are not subject to supercoiling in the cell. The ends of the pJAZZ® vectors can rotate freely as the molecule is replicated, as it is not placed under the torsional stress typically associated with supercoiling plasmid DNA. The result is the ability to clone numerous classes of structure-rich, highly stable sequences. Each BigEasy® kit is convenient to use, containing pre-cut, dephosphorylated pJAZZ® cloning vector with chloramphenicol or kanamycin resistance, DNATerminator® end repair enzymes and buffer, ligase and ligation buffer containing ATP, sequencing primers, competent cells, and DNA controls. Kits are available with 5, 10, or 20 reactions.

The kits are ideal for constructing shotgun libraries with large inserts up to 30kb or for cloning smaller products, particularly in instances where the target DNA is difficult to clone in conventional vectors.

Ordering information: The contents of each kit are supplied in three separate containers. The ligation components are shipped in container 1, which should be stored at –20°C (–4°F). BigEasy-TSA™ electrocompetent cells are shipped in container 2, which should be stored at –80°C (–112°F). The DNATerminator kit, provided with the blunt digest of the vector, is shipped in container 3, which should be stored at –20°C (–4°F). For additional information on BigEasy-TSA™ electrocompetent cells, see 95024-146 series.
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