CopyRight® v2.0 BAC Cloning Kits, Biosearch Technologies

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CopyRight® v2.0 BAC Cloning Kits, Biosearch Technologies
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
CopyRight® vectors have a minimal vector size with single-copy replication origin and inducible medium copy replication origin

Vectors are available in a variety of options. The pEZ® BAC vector contains the lacZ gene for blue/white screening and is ideal for either BAC or fosmid cloning and library construction. The pEZ® BAC vector also contains phage T7 polymerase for in vitro transcription. The pEZ® BAC vectors are available precut at either a BamHI or blunt site, and feature a cloning efficiency >95%. The pSMART® BAC vectors incorporate transcription-free cloning to provide maximum stability. These vectors are supplied pre-cut at BamHI, EcoRI, or HindIII sites, with dephosphorylated ends. The pSMART® BAC vectors have a lacZ-sacB stuffer region, allowing uncut vector to be detected by blue/white screening and selected against by plating on sucrose.

Vectors feature transcription terminators to stabilize recombinant clones and rare cutting restrictions sites on either side of the insert. They also have a bacteriophage lambda cos site for lambda packaging or terminase cleavage, a loxP site for cre recombinase cleavage, and a chloramphenicol-resistance gene. CopyRight® vectors and cells also feature an inducible copy amplication system to increase DNA yields 20- to 50-fold.

Ordering information: Kits come with the specified vector, reagents for ligation and cell transformation, controls, sequencing primers, and protocols. All pSMART® BAC cloning kits are supplied with BAC-Optimized Replicator v2.0 Electrocompetent cells. BAC-Optimized Replicator v2.0 Electrocompetent cells are available separately as well.
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