CloneSaver Card, Qiagen

Supplier: Qiagen
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CloneSaver Card, Qiagen
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
These 96-well format cards are designed for collecting, storing, and purifying BAC and plasmid DNA from bacterial clones

The cards use FTA® technology to instantly capture and stabilize DNA without the use of reagents, centrifuges, or other materials. Cards prevent cross-contamination and include a color-change indicator for tracking sample application. Fixed samples can be punched out, washed, and used directly in downstream applications such as PCR or transformation. Suitable samples include bacterial cultures, colonies, glycerol stock, or purified vector DNA. Vector DNA is then ready for use within minutes or it can be safely stored at room temperature in a multi-barrier pouch with a dessicant packet for years. Each card has a sample ID chart and an area for bar-code labeling. Multi-barrier pouches have a resealable closure and tamper-evident seal. Each 1g dessicant packet contains an indicator that changes from blue to pink to indicate the absorption of moisture.

Ordering information: The kit comes with two CloneSaver™ cards, two 2mm uni-core punches, a mat, and instructions for use.
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