VWR® Atlas Power Distribution Bars

Supplier: Avantor
VWRP20668 VWRP20608-W VWRP20368-W VWRP20728-W VWRP20488 VWRP20548 VWRP20246 VWRP20306-W VWRP20428 VWRP20608 VWRP20728 VWRP20306 VWRP20368 VWRP20428-W VWRP20488-W VWRP20548-W
VWRP20428EA 1210 USD
VWRP20428 VWRP20428-W VWRP20548 VWRP20306 VWRP20368 VWRP20668 VWRP20608-W VWRP20488 VWRP20246 VWRP20488-W VWRP20548-W VWRP20368-W VWRP20728-W VWRP20608 VWRP20728 VWRP20306-W
VWR® Atlas Power Distribution Bars
Furniture Shelves
Power bar electrical assemblies are used with or in place of column-mounted electrical outlets.

  • Color: Light neutral

Power distribution bars carry substantial electric currents over relatively short distances in a safe and effective manner.

Ordering information: Power bars include 20A grounded receptacles, on/off switch with built-in circuit breaker, a 3m (10') power cord, and mounting hardware.
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