Acura® Pipettor, Fixed Volume, DWK Life Sciences

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences

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Acura® Pipettor, Fixed Volume, DWK Life Sciences
Pipets Micropipets
Ideal for bacteriology applications such as milk testing, this double volume instrument provides greater cost and time efficiency

Unit features a fully integrated straw tip ejector. Sterile straw tips allow the user to pull samples from hard-to-reach areas. Tip length: 19cm (71/2"). Tips have a large opening to allow aspirating of small particles in liquid. Tips produce less waste than glass or plastic pipets.

Replaces glass and plastic pipets and dilution bottles when performing sequential 1:10 dilutions. Dispenses 1mL and 0.1mL in one complete procedure.

Ordering information: Supplied with two-year warranty on original calibration and three-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.
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