UniSystem™ Urinalysis Kits, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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UniSystem™ Urinalysis Kits, Thermo Scientific
Clinical Diagnostic Systems Clinical Sample Collection/Preparation
Urinalysis system is designed to produce consistent 0.4mL decanted urine sediment samples and reduce inconsistencies in sampling and testing

Slides are available with four or ten wells. Overflow reservoirs around the wells ensure a consistent volume of 14µL of sediment for examination. The wells segregate samples to avoid cross-contamination and the combination slide and coverslip minimize sample contact with glass. Stain 14011-150 is a stable modification of Sternheimer-Malbin Stain for accurate identification of urine constituents and involves single-step mixing of stain and urine. Acrylic rack 14011-154 holds up to 10 tubes and is convenient for simultaneous decanting and storage. Transport tubes 14011-174 are made from fracture-resistant material and hold 15mL samples. Tubes are sealed with screw caps for added protection during transport. Tubes 14011-142, and -144 are made of sturdy polystyrene, hold 12mL samples, and seal with convenient snap-on caps. Tube tips retain standardized 0.4mL of decanted sediment. Snap-on caps fit standard tubes and come in several colors.

The simple sampling technique minimizes the risk of exposure to cross-contamination.

Ordering information: Collection pack 14011-146 comes with 500 tubes, 500 caps and labels, five hundred 90mL plastic collection cups, and one transport rack for the collection of 500 specimens.
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