Corning® Transwell® Inserts, Sterile, Corning

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Corning® Transwell®
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Corning® Transwell® Inserts, Sterile, Corning
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Transwell® cell culture inserts are convenient, easy to use permeable support devices for the study of both anchorage-dependent and anchorage-independent cell lines. They are designed to produce a cell culture environment that closely resembles the in vivo state.

All Transwell® membranes are compatible with histological fixatives including methanol and formaldehyde. The polyester Transwell® membranes have the best overall chemical resistance. These membranes (but not the PS housings) are compatible with many alcohols, amines, esters, ethers, ketones, oils and some solvents, including many halogenated hydrocarbons and DMSO, but are not recommended for use with strong acids and bases.

The polyester Transwell® membranes do not have as high a pore density as the polycarbonate Transwell® membranes, but have better optical clarity as a result:
- Allows polarised cells to feed basolaterally and thereby carry out metabolic activities in a more natural fashion
- Self-centred hanging design prevents medium wicking between the insert and outer well
- Permits access to the lower compartment through windows in the insert wall
- Suspended design allows for undamaged co-culturing of cells in the lower compartment
- Available in a range of pore sizes and different membranes to satisfy diverse experimental requirements

Transwell® polycarbonate membrane inserts:
- 10 μm thick translucent membrane
- Membrane pore sizes ranging from 0.4 μm to 8 μm Ø
- Treated for optimal cell attachment
- Supplied in multiple well plates
- Membrane must be stained for cell visibility

Transwell®-Clear polyester membrane inserts:
- 10 μm thick transparent membrane
- Treated for optimal cell attachment
- Excellent visibility under phase contrast microscopy
- Supplied in multiple well plates

Transwell®-COL collagen coated membrane inserts:
- Transparent collagen treated PTFE membrane
- Promotes cell attachment and spreading
- Equimolar mixture of types I and III collagen
- Individually packaged
- Multiple well plates included in each case

Packaging: The inserts are pre-packaged in the appropriate multi well plate as follows: 24 mm Ø inserts are packaged 6 inserts in a 6-well plate, four 6-well plates per case; 12 mm Ø inserts are packaged 12 inserts in a 12-well plate, four 12-well plates per case; 6.5 mm Ø inserts are packaged 12 inserts in a 24-well plate, four 24-well plates per case. All Transwell®-COL collagen coated inserts are individually packaged and each case includes the appropriate multiple well plate.
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