Molecular weight markers, Rainbow™

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Molecular weight markers, Rainbow™
Electrophoresis Reagents Molecular Weight Markers
Rainbow™ molecular weight markers enable faster and simpler identification of proteins on SDS polyacrylamide gels. These ready to load markers provide sharper, more intense bands on gels and blots, and have improved band spacing for more accurate molecular weight determination. The bright, distinctive colours of the markers allow easier confirmation of transfer to blotting membranes and orientation.

  • Full-Range Rainbow™ markers (MW 12000 to 225000) use 10 separate proteins with 6 different colours; High-Range Rainbow™ markers (MW 12000 to 225000) use 8 separate proteins with 6 different colours; Low-Range Rainbow™ markers (MW 3500 to 38000) use 7 separate proteins with 5 different colours
  • Monitor progress of protein electrophoresis and assess transfer efficiency and molecular weight of blotted proteins without staining
  • High intensity, pre-stained, multi-coloured bands allow distinction of closely related proteins
  • For use on SDS-PAGE

Rainbow™ molecular weight markers comprise a mixture of individually coloured proteins that are combined to produce bands of equal colour intensity. Depending on the product, the approximate protein concentration is 1 to 2 mg/ml.

Storage: Store at −15 to −30 °C.

Ordering information: Each 250 µl pack size is sufficient for use with 50 minigels (10×8 cm) or 25 large gels (20×20 cm).
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