BioTrace™ NT Nitrocellulose Transfer Membranes, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
BioTrace™ NT
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BioTrace™ NT Nitrocellulose Transfer Membranes, Pall Laboratory
Transfer Membranes
Pure unsupported nitrocellulose membranes have high binding affinity (209 µg/cm2) and are colony/plaque lifts and protein transfers.

  • Strong and durable, less likely to tear or crack than competitor nitrocellulose
  • High binding capacity for proteins and nucleic acids
  • Lower protein burn-through than competitors in electrophoretic transfers
  • Nonsterile

BioTrace™ NT provides a good binding matrix for macromolecules. The unique structure and lack of growth-inhibiting ingredients facilitate bacterial growth even when the bacteria are stressed by transformation. Typical thickness: 140 µm.

Applications include protein transfers, western blots, southern blots, northern blots, and nucleic acid and protein dot blots.
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