Ultralab™ Systems, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
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Ultralab™ Systems, Pall Laboratory
Filters Tangential Flow Systems
Ultralab™ systems, composed of Ultrareservoir™ containers and Ultrapump™ II pumps, are designed as a rapid, efficient replacement of dialysis for buffer exchange and desalting of macromolecules.

  • Efficient replacement of dialysis
  • Airtight lid
  • Siphoning action

Systems are specifically designed for use with Ultrasette™ lab tangential flow devices (see 29300-988 series)

Ultrapump™ II has a 0–600rpm rated,1/10hp motor with continuous-duty rated drive, and 0–10 dial speed control. Pump size: 16.3x34x13.7cm (613/32x1313/32x513/32"). Maximum pressure: 2.8bar (40psig) intermittent, 1.8bar (25psig) continuous. Ultrareservoir™ is constructed from acrylic with EPR lid O-ring, stainless steel gauge, and polypropylene valves, barb connectors, and lid.

Airtight lid and siphoning action maintain constant sample volume and eliminate the need for multiple buffer exchanges. Sample port allows maximum sample recovery without decanting. Peristaltic pump action excludes air in the system, reduces foaming, and minimizes shear of sensitive molecules.

Ordering information: Ultralab™ systems consist of an Ultrareservoir™ container, Ultrapump™ II pump, and Mini-Ultrasette™ Flow Device Accessory Kit (500mL) or Ultrasette™ Flow Device Accessory Kit (2L and 5L). Ultrareservoir™ containers include 0–4.2bar (0–60psig) pressure gauge, assorted fittings, and 3-way valve. The 5L container connects to Ultrasette™ device only, and is supplied with assorted fittings. The Mini-Ultrasette™ kit (29300-924) contains 1.8m (6') of PharMed® #15 tubing, 45cm (18") of 3.2mm I.D. Tygon® filtrate tubing, eight stainless steel tubing clamps, two barb-to-Luer fittings, and one screw clamp. The Ultrasette™ kit (29301-076) contains 1.8m (6') of PharMed® #24 tubing, 60cm (24") of 4.8mm I.D. Tygon® filtrate tubing, eight stainless steel tubing clamps, one barb fitting, and one screw clamp.
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