Corning® FluoroBlok™ Multiwell Insert Systems, Corning

Supplier: Corning
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Corning® FluoroBlok™ Multiwell Insert Systems, Corning
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Corning® FluoroBlok™ HTS 96-multiwell insert system is a cell culture assay platform designed for automation. The one-piece insert housing and fluorescence-blocking microporous membrane (available in 3.0 and 8.0 μm pore sizes) enables increased efficiency, productivity and throughput in the drug discovery process. The receiver plate design minimizes crosstalk between wells.

  • Standard technology platform allows multiple protocols
  • Real time detection without dismantling or destroying the insert
  • Eliminates need for manual cell scraping and counting
  • Block >99% of the excitation and emission wavelengths of fluorophores commonly used to label cells

The wide blocking range (490 to 700 nm) of the Corning® FluoroBlok™ membrane allows the flexibility to choose from a variety of fluorophores for screening compounds in cell-based assays such as compound permeability, cell invasion and migration, and monolayer permeability. Each insert has an automation compatible sampling port for sampling above and below the membrane with standard pipet tips or automated fluid handling equipment.

The 96-well feeder trays with lids and the 96 square-well flat bottom assay plates feature a nontreated, hydrophobic polystyrene surface. Both are sterile and pyrogen-free.

Systems are designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and throughput. The black housing of the 96-multiwell insert minimizes crosstalk between the wells and virtually eliminates autofluorescence. The multiwell insert plate format is compatible with standard fluorescence plate readers, robots, and fluid handling instruments.
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