Genetrodes® and Genepaddles™ Electrodes, BTX®

Supplier: BTX
Genetrodes® Genepaddles™ MPLC™
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22221-512EA 1385.42 USD
22221-512 22221-516 22221-514 47727-356 47727-358 47733-164
Genetrodes® and Genepaddles™ Electrodes, BTX®
Electrodes Electroporation Electrodes
Genetrodes electrodes are reusable, needle-style electrodes suitable for in ovo and in vivo gene transfer studies

Genepaddles™ electrodes are reusable, paddle-style electodes designed for in vivo and in vitro applications such as gene delivery (IVEGD) in mouse embryo. Non-invasive, gold-plated Genepaddles electrodes are 1mm thick. All electrodes may be cleaned with mild detergent and sterilized with ethanol or ethylene oxide.

The Genetrodes®/Genepaddles™ holder (82020-818) positions electrodes in parallel at a predetermined gap in tissue. Banana plug to micrograbber connector cable (82019-192) is required for connecting electrodes to electroporator.

Kits with the “L”-shaped shaft are for in ovo applications and feature non-invasive, gold-tipped electrodes that measure 0.5mm in diameter. The “L”-shaped shaft is 0.8mm in diameter. Kits with the straight shaft are for in vivo applications. The invasive, gold-tipped electrodes measure 0.5mm in diameter. The shaft measures 0.8mm in diameter.

Ordering information: All Genetrodes® kits include micrograbber cables, gold-tipped Genetrodes®, Genetrodes® holder with shaft, and connection cable. Genepaddles™ electrodes require Genetrodes®/Genepaddles™ holder 82020-818.
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