VWR® PCR 8-Well Tube Strips

Supplier: VWR International
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VWR® PCR 8-Well Tube Strips
Tubes PCR Tubes
Ideal for all PCR protocols, these 0.1 and 0.2 mL tubes and caps are made from polypropylene and are compatible with most popular thermal cycler blocks.

  • Tubes and caps are chemically inert and autoclavable
  • Smooth, thin, uniform walls for accurate thermal transfer
  • Caps fit precisely to ensure a positive, contamination-free environment

Tube strips are certified free of RNase, DNase, and human DNA (lot-by-lot certificates available).

Ordering information: Tube strips with separate bubble cap strips are packed with 125 strips of 8 tubes and 125 strips of 8 caps in separate bags inside a box. Tube strips for real time PCR come with individually attached, optically clear caps.
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