Rotary Evaporator Traps, Boulanger, Self-Washing, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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Rotary Evaporator Traps, Boulanger, Self-Washing, Ace Glass Incorporated
Vacuum Traps
Unique design incorporates an inverted, straight-walled expansion chamber that allows for flow-back of bumped materials.

Condensation of evaporated solvent on walls of trap continuously rinses the trap during operation. Vacuum stem has two opposing holes, flush with bottom of stem, to allow solvent vapor to rapidly flow out while allowing condensed solvent to return to flask. This feature also allows the evaporator shaft to be continuously rinsed and the material returned to the flask. To prevent pooling of condensate in the shaft trap, the end of the trap has a center hole for complete drainage. When solids are bumped onto the sides of the trap toward the end of the solvent evaporation, a small amount of solvent introduced at top of trap with a swirling motion effectively rinses the material back into the flask. Manufactured from Borosilicate glass.
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