Pierce™ Slide-A-Lyzer® Dialysis Cassettes, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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Pierce™ Slide-A-Lyzer® Dialysis Cassettes, Thermo Scientific
Tubing Dialysis Tubing
For sample dialysis, low molecular weight contaminant removal, buffer exchange, desalting, equilibrium dialysis, and concentration. This type of membrane is compatible with a number of common chemicals and buffers. The colour-coded transparent frames of the Slide-A-Lyzer® cassette allow instant recognition of the MWCO of the membrane and make viewing the needle easier during sample injection.

  • Quick and convenient
  • Durable and high recovery
  • Plastic construction

Require approximately half the time of traditional dialysis tubing and produce sample volume recoveries of more than 95%.

Gamma-irradiated Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes are ideal for researchers culturing cells and microorganisms; purifying viruses, DNA and RNA; or performing sample preparation for other applications requiring conditions that minimize the risk of sample contamination. The gamma-irradiated cassettes are treated with 20 to 36 kGy of gamma radiation, a dosage that has been determined to sterilize the units based on both trypticase soy broth medium for identifying total growth and fluid thioglycollate medium for identifying anaerobic growth. However, a confirmation of sterility is not provided for individual lots, as no further sterility testing is conducted post irradiation.

These cassettes are constructed of two inward-facing parallel membranes separated by a silicone-like gasket and surrounded by a plastic frame. Samples are inserted and removed by using a needle and syringe at one of the four holes located on the corners of the cassette frame. Gasket reseals following needle punctures, preventing sample loss. Hermetically sealed chambers preserve the highest possible sample integrity. Plastic frame is convenient for labeling and permits handling of the cassette without disturbing the membrane. No gloves required for use. Cassette membranes are 0.45 mil thick, except extra-strength cassette membranes, which are 1.2 mil thick.

Hydrate in one minute or less.
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