VWR® Next Generation Pipette Tip Refill System

Supplier: Avantor
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VWR® Next Generation Pipette Tip Refill System
Pipette Tips
The VWR® next generation pipette tip refill system offers a complete refilling solution for laboratory pipetting procedures.

  • Packaging manufactured from 100% renewable materials
  • Refills tip racks from VWR and other brands
  • Autoclavable

Refills are available in 17 different tip styles to accommodate use with VWR pipettors as well as those of other brands.

Each refill package includes a transfer cover made of recycled PET. Covers keep tips clean, prevent wobbling during refilling procedures and eliminate the threat of contamination as well as the use of gloves. Extremely stable when opened, each refill package is a reclosable box that maximizes storage space. All tips are certified to be free of Endotoxin, Oleamide, DNA and Nuclease (RNase/DNase).

Each sterile package fits onto VWR hinged racks with a simple lift, place, and snap. Tips are made with pure endotoxin-free filters that block aerosols and fluids. With a focus on environmentally friendly construction, each refill is a complete system with a low carbon footprint. Packaging is constructed from 100% renewable material, all recyclable portions are clearly coded, and tip bases include the use of bioplastic (non-petroleum) compostable resin.

Certifications: ISO 9001, CE IVD.
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