VWR® Premium Superfrost® Colorfrost® Microscope Slides

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VWR® Superfrost®
6951-601640T 4941X-601640 9951BO-006 9951GL-006 9951A-006 9951T-006 4951X-601640 5951-601640T 7951-601640T 4941X 9951L-006 4951-601640T 4955F-601640T 8951-601640T 6951-601640T
48312-401CS 596.84 USD
48312-401 48312-502 48312-604 48382-101 CA48312-502 48311-601 48311-656 48311-611 18382-111 48312-706 48382-103 75799-266 48311-951 48311-950 48382-119
VWR® Premium Superfrost® Colorfrost® Microscope Slides
Slides Microscope Slides
VWR® Superfrost® and Colorfrost® Micro Slides feature brilliant coloring and a coating that accepts and retains laboratory markings better than comparable products.

  • Easy to write on, easy to read
  • Key shows which side is up
  • Eliminate sticking and scratching

Slides are frosted and have a brilliant colored, opaque coating

All slides have the word “SPECIMEN” printed on them, except for the white Premium Superfrost slide, which is unprinted. Premium slides 48311-950 and 48311-702 are made of premium quality sheet glass.

All slides are 75x25mm, except for 48311-655 which is 3x1". All slides are autoclavable.

Coating takes and retains most laboratory marking methods better than plain or conventional frosted slides. The coating is impervious to most common laboratory chemicals and reagents. Slides feature a raised printed writing surface that eliminates the need for paper labels and re-labeling of slides.

Ordering information: For additional sizes and thicknesses, contact your VWR sales representative.
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