BCR® Cleanroom Bond Paper, Berkshire

Supplier: Berkshire
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BCR® Cleanroom Bond Paper, Berkshire
Designed to minimize contamination and run through copiers, laser printers, and impact printers.

  • Purest cellulose to minimize contamination
  • Specialized coating to reduce particles, fibers, and micro-organisms
  • Retains toner from copiers and laser printers to reduce smudging
  • Autoclavable
  • Latex-free
  • ISO Class 3–8
  • Cleanroom Class 1–100,000

Optimal strength and durability ensures maximum consistency in printing and photocopying. A cellulose base sheet with a synthetic latex binder is added during manufacturing to reduce the potential of particle or fiber contamination. Paper features a fiber coating that enhances strength and durability without limiting the ability to absorb inks or bind toner. Coating is resistant to the heat and static normally generated in photocopying and laser printing. Consult printer manual before using any kind of paper.

Can also be used as pages in cleanroom manuals and as lot tracer sheets or batch records in pharmaceutical manufacturing areas. Cleanroom compatible labels on the end of packs for easy identification on shelves.
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