UVP Hybridization Ovens, Analytik Jena

Supplier: Analytik Jena
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UVP Hybridization Ovens, Analytik Jena
Ovens Hybridisation Ovens
UVP Hybridization Ovens, are self-contained units used for hybridization applications, ultraviolet crosslinking, or both procedures in one system. The hybridizing oven portion is ideal for Southern, Northern, and Western blots; in situ hybridization; and binding nucleic acids to nitrocellulose or nylon-reinforced transfer membranes or other media.

  • Several models are available depending on the research needs

The UVP Hybridizer™ Oven, provides uniform temperature and variable rotation control for thorough mixing of materials

For researchers requiring hybridization applications and UV crosslinking, the UVP HybriLinker™ Oven is multi-purpose system and is capable of performing both steps in the procedure. This model features an upper shelf for hybridization and a lower shelf, which provides shortwave (254 nm) UV for crosslinking.

Both the UVP Hybridizer and UVP HybriLinker accommodate multiple bottle sizes, arrangements, and offset positions to meet a variety of mixing requirements. A rotary wheel speed control, ranges from 10-15 RPMs. The rotary wheel can be removed and replaced with a rocker tray or rocker plate to create a rocking motion and to accomodate various types of flasks. A removable protective trays is included to allow for easy cleanup of spilled media.

The UVP Multidizer™ Oven is customized for several types motions. It is designed with two separate chambers for shaking, orbital rocking and rotation. The two chambers operate independently. The lower chamber has variable speed controls, similar to the UVP Hybridizer and HybriLinker Ovens. The upper chamber uses a roller action to operate a shaker tray or an optional orbital tray or carousel. Other trays are available for the placement of flasks and other containers. Hybridization and blotting procedures requiring various, containers, motions or temperature settings can be performed, all-in-one system. An orbital motion tray is available for use with flasks and other vessels.

It features a large LED temperature display, a touch-sensitive key pad for precise temperature control, and an internal circulating fan to maintain temperature uniformity.

Certifications: CSA certified. CE compliant.

Ordering information: Hybridization bottles sold separately. Bottle holder capacities by model: UVP Hybridizer and UVP HybriLinker Ovens–twenty 35×150 mm bottles, ten 35×300 mm bottles, or a combination of both sizes. To accommodate larger samples, an optional carousel kit is available for four 70×300 mm bottles to be saturated simultaneously. UVP Multidizer Oven–twenty 35×150 mm bottles, ten 35×300 mm, or four 70×300 mm. UVP Minidizer Oven–four 35×150 mm bottles, four 50 ml or eight 15 ml conical bottles.
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