VWR®, Intro Mats with Stabilizing Frame

Supplier: Avantor
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VWR®, Intro Mats with Stabilizing Frame
Floor Mats Tacky Mats
Entryway contamination control systems consist of 30- or 60-layered mats applied to a reusable white polystyrene frame.

  • Nonskid backing
  • Effectively captures soil, dirt, and dust
  • Frames are reusable
  • Mats can be easily removed while cleaning

Each layer is coated with an adhesive formulated to capture soil and contain it until the layer is peeled away and discarded

Placing mats in high-traffic areas and entryways will significantly decrease the amount of dust and dirt that typically tracks in from foot traffic and equipment wheels, reduce maintenance and cleaning costs, and prolong the life of floor finishes and carpets. Mats can be easily removed during routine floor maintenance. Frames are reusable with VWR® PureStep Adhesive Mats (see 87004-016 series).

Nonskid backing applied to the bottom of the frame provides stability on carpets, tile, concrete, linoleum, wood and other floor surfaces, allowing the mat to be used on surfaces that are not ideal for tacky mats.
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