Syringe Loading Sample Injectors, Rheodyne®

Supplier: IDEX Health & Science
9725 7125
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50807-522 50807-128
Syringe Loading Sample Injectors, Rheodyne®
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Model 7125 has a unique flat-face architecture, which uses an inert polymeric rotor seal and an alumina ceramic stator, often achieves 30,000 injections before rotor seal replacement is necessary. All connections are made with 1/16" O.D. tubing. The maximum operating temperature is 80°C (176°F). The unit includes a 20µL sample loop, allowing partial loading up to 10µL.

Model 9125 is biocompatible and similar to model 7125 with the exception of the PEEK™ stator. Mobile phases that cause problems with conventional injectors can be used, such as 1M NaCl and 2M NaOH. The injector can be used for biochemical purifications, such as low-pressure soft gel chromatography as well as HPLC. Can be used as a fixed-volume loop injector. Volumes from 0.1µL to 2.5mL can be injected. The maximum operating temperature is 50°C (122°F). The unit includes a 20µL PEEK™ sample loop and Rheodyne RheFlex® fittings for all ports.

A seven-port rotary injector that allows both partial-filling and complete-filling techniques to be used. The injector requires a 22-gauge, 2" needle with a 90° square-cut tip, no electrotaper.
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