Nunc® OmniTray Single-Well Plates with Lids, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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Nunc® OmniTray Single-Well Plates with Lids, Thermo Scientific
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Designed for many applications, including high throughput screening

These polystyrene, single-well plates have the same footprint as a 96-well plate. They also hold a 11.4x7.3cm (41/2x27/8") nylon membrane used for dot blotting bacterial clones. Lid protects cells from contamination while providing a means for cell respiration during incubation and/or storage. Radiation sterilized.

Nunclon™Δ certified surface ensures cell attachment and growth. MaxiSorp™ surface is ideal for arraying molecules with mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic domains, such as proteins, directly onto the plate. Plate featuring an enhanced rectangular area is ideal for automatic picking and viewing systems.

Plates are useful for screening DNA libraries in high volume laboratories using robotics. They are also suitable for manual plating and screening. Compatible with Beckman Coulter®, Biomek®, Hybaid, Orca, Tecan® Trak, and Zymark® robotic systems.

Ordering information: Plates packaged 10 sleeves per case.
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