Nalgene® VERSI-DRY® Lab Table Soakers, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Nalgene® VERSI-DRY®
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Nalgene® VERSI-DRY® Lab Table Soakers, Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Soakers are designed to speed clean-up time and protect lab tabletops from acids, dyes, and radioactive applications

Standard VERSI-DRY® soakers are white and absorb 750 mL/m2. Super absorbent soakers are blue and absorb 1050 mL/m2. Light duty soakers are white and absorb 300 mL/m2.

Soakers feature thousands of THIRSTY CELLS™ that quickly absorb spills. Soft surface also provides a cushion for breakable equipment. Nonskid, chemical-resistant, waterproof polyethylene backing holds soaker securely in place.

Ordering information: Available in rolls, mats, and convenient waste-reducing dispenser packs.
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