DRIERITE® Absorbent, WA Hammond

Supplier: W.A. Hammond
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DRIERITE® Absorbent, WA Hammond
Desiccators Desiccants
Drierite is an all purpose desiccant made of anhydrous calcium sulfate.

  • Non-disintegrating, non-wetting, non-poisonous, non-corrosive, non-indicating, and repeatedly regenerative
  • Neutral, stable, constant in volume, and inert except toward water
  • Insoluble in organic solvents

Dries air and gases to the lowest residual moisture level attainable with a safe, easy to use desiccant (-100F dew point)

Absorbs moisture at temperatures up to 150F (66C). Regenerate by heating on a tray in a thin layer at 220-230C for 11/2 to 2 hours. Cool in a sealed container. This procedure is very specific.

Dries organic liquids to low ppm levels. Commonly used in desiccators, desiccator cabinets, in-line air and gas dryers, glove boxes, sealed chambers and wherever an anhydrous environment is required. Drierite is specific to water which makes it useful for water removal from liquid reaction mixtures and multi-component gas streams. It does not change color upon moisture absorption. Available in several mesh sizes. Mesh = granules per inch.
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