VWR® Humidity Sponges, Desiccator in a Bag

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VWR® Humidity Sponges, Desiccator in a Bag
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Humidity sponges turn any container into a desiccator and are ideal for storing samples, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, PC boards, optics, diagnostics, museum pieces, chemicals, instruments, and documents.

  • Nontoxic
  • Nonindicating, regenerable sponge
  • Desiccator contains indicator for necessary bag regeneration

Humidity sponges meet FDA requirements for use in direct contact with food and drugs

The indicating, nonregenerable humidity sponge has white Tyvek® on one side and clear polyethylene film on the other side. This desiccator contains cobaltous chloride indicator which changes from blue to pink upon moisture absorption. When the indicator turns pink, the desiccator needs to be replaced.

The nonindicating, regenerable humidity sponge has white Tyvek® on both sides. This desiccator contains a relative humidity card that changes from blue to pink to show when the bag needs to be regenerated. The indicator for the relative humidity card is cobaltous chloride.

Sodium calcium aluminosilicate hydrate desiccant is nontoxic and is a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) material. Desiccant is guaranteed to absorb approximately 16% of its weight in water. It will typically absorb approximately 37% of its weight in water, depending on relative humidity. Each bag is 7.6x7.6x0.6 cm (3x3x1/4") and weighs 10g (0.35 oz.).

Certifications: ISO Class 5 (FED-STD-209E Class 100/M3.5) cleanroom compatible.
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