Nalgene® Transparent Polycarbonate Desiccator, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
24987-048CS 869.56 USD
Nalgene® Transparent Polycarbonate Desiccator, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Desiccators Desiccators, Plastic
Completely transparent plastic desiccator

Silicone gasket ensures airtight seal; no messy grease necessary. Clear base allows visibility of DRIERITE® material or silica gel. Desiccator plate not included. Fits standard 230mm (9") plate, such as 25038-003.

Caution: Do not autoclave or expose to organic solvents or organic vapors.

Made entirely of polycarbonate; lightweight and unbreakable. Looks like glass but is more economical than a glass vacuum desiccator. Use with or without vacuum. Will not shatter or implode at full vacuum when used according to instructions packed with product. For room temperature use only. Cannot hold vacuum at low temperatures for more than a few hours. Each desiccator includes a stopcock and a TPE cap for non-vacuum use. Holds vacuum of 0.09 MPA (28" Hg) for 24 hours.
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