Pipet Aid® XP Portable Pipetting Device, Drummond Scientific

Supplier: Drummond
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Pipet Aid® XP Portable Pipetting Device, Drummond Scientific
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The Portable Pipet Aid® XP accepts standard glass or plastic pipets from one to 100mL and provides eight hours of pipetting without recharging.

  • Lightweight and compact pipet device
  • Three speed settings provide more precise control
  • Easy controller battery replacement
  • EZ Grip nosepiece with double membrane filter
  • Removable stand
  • Holster wall bracket

The controller features a locking tissue-culture nosepiece, which helps eliminate cross contamination due to over pipetting

This pipet device uses fingertip control to aspirate and dispense liquids in three speed ranges: slow, medium, and fast. Choose the speed range combination that is best for your application or liquid viscosity. The medium speed is suitable for most routine techniques. The fastest speed can deliver up to 50 mL in five seconds and can rapidly fill pipets or break up cell clumps. The slow speed is ideal with small pipets or when more precise delivery is required. A gravity drain model, which substitutes a gravity drain (G) function for the fast mode on the dispense button, is available.

This nosepiece incorporates a dual-hydrophilic and hydrophobic 0.8µm filter that provides a barrier to 0.1µm particles and prevents further use once contaminated by fluid. Work can resume soon after the simple filter replacement and nosepiece decontamination. Designed to minimize operator fatigue, the Portable Pipet Aid® XP is compact and lightweight. A 9V (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery powers the pipet controller, and the battery compartment is easy to access. The tissue-culture nosepiece, which features a unique filter element, ceases to allow air to pass in either direction if it becomes wet, alerting the user to possible contamination of the rubber insert.

Certifications: UL listed. CSA certified.

Ordering information: This kit includes a 110V recharger and black tissue culture nosepiece with housing, gaskets, rubber insert, and four filters. Nosepiece outer shell rainbow pack contains one each of blue, green, orange, red, violet, and yellow. Additional filters may be ordered separately.
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