VWR® Repeating Dispensers

Supplier: VWR International
TG-50360-400 TG-50360-315 TG-50360-020 TG-50360-325 TG-50360-025 TG-50360-300 TG-50360-310 TG-50360-002 TG-50360-050 TG-50360-100 TG-50360-005 TG-50360-350 TG-50360-015 TG-50360-305 TG-50360-010 TG-50360-001
53481-370EA 463.29 USD
53481-370 71001-648 53481-280 53481-155 53481-188 53481-122 53481-064 53481-097 53481-461 53481-494 53481-213 53481-246 53481-520 53481-009 53481-348 53481-406
VWR® Repeating Dispensers
Bottle Top Tilt Measures
Dispensers are recommended for multiple test procedures as well as dispensing strong acids, alkalies, and volatile reagents.

  • Accurate to ±2%
  • Capable of rapid repeat transfers of fixed volumes
  • Easy filling and dispensation

The calibrated pipet heads automatically fill and deliver contents by simple pouring action for rapid repeat transfers of fixed volumes of solutions. To fill, the pipet head is tilted backwards. Excess liquid returns to the flask automatically. Tilting dispenser forward delivers the calibrated volume. Pipet heads ordered separately have [ST] 24/40 inner joint.

Ordering information: A complete unit consists of an interchangeable glass pipet head, Erlenmeyer flask with [ST] 24/40 ground joint, and poly joint clamp.
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