VWR® Tapered Connectors and Quick Disconnects

Supplier: Avantor
K877-VWR K527-VWR K512-VWR K511-VWR K528-VWR K435-VWR K513-VWR K529-VWR K530-VWR K510-VWR K531-VWR K879-VWR K878-VWR K434-VWR K535-VWR K436-VWR
46600-078CS 305.02 USD
46600-078 46600-100 46600-102 46600-048 46600-116 46600-106 46600-118 46600-096 46600-074 46600-076 46600-098 46600-120 46600-044 82017-256 82017-980 46600-080
VWR® Tapered Connectors and Quick Disconnects
Fittings and Connectors
The arms of these connectors are tapered to accommodate a wide variety of tubing sizes.

  • Polypropylene and polyethylene construction
  • Four configurations
  • Excellent chemical and temperature resistance

Molded from white polypropylene, they offer excellent chemical- and temperature-resistance and may be autoclaved for sterility. They will withstand flows to 20psi. The disconnects, molded from polyethylene, form a tight seal when joined, yet can be disconnected easily.
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