Sharps Disposal Containers, Covidien

Supplier: Covidien
8950SA 8527R 8970 8920SA 8990SA
15704-196CS 644.2 USD
15704-196 95042-982 15704-210 15704-203 15704-192
Sharps Disposal Containers, Covidien
Bins Sharps Containers
Ideal for lancets, scalpels, slides, pipets, and syringes

Rotor lids feature a locking rotor to secure lid. Hinged lids permit temporary closure when not in use. All containers lock for final disposal. Container 15704-214 features a hinged, sealing gasket lid to provide leak-resistant containment of contents. Adhesive-backed red plastic holder fits disposal container 15704-196.

Certifications: Containers meet or exceed JCAHO, OSHA, and NIOSH/CDC standards and requirements.
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