DuPont™ Tyvek® 400 Coveralls with Respirator Hood and Attached Skid Resistant Boots, Comfort Fit Design

Supplier: DuPont®
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DuPont™ Tyvek® 400 Coveralls with Respirator Hood and Attached Skid Resistant Boots, Comfort Fit Design
Disposable Garments
Tyvek® 400 garments are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene which creates a unique, nonwoven material available only from DuPont.

  • Comfort fit design
  • Respirator fit hood
  • Zipper front
  • Elastic wrists
  • Attached skid-resistant boots
  • Elastic waist
  • Serged seams

Tyvek® 400 provides an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort of any limited use fabric technology. Tyvek® 400 fabric offers an inherent barrier against particles (down to 1.0 micron in size). Protection is built into the fabric itself; there are no films or laminates to abrade or wear away. Tyvek® 400 fabric's durability advantage over microporous film fabrics delivers consistently better barrier, even after wear and abrasion. Applications include lead and asbestos abatement/remediation, general maintenance/operations, spray painting, general clean-up.

Comfort fit design is based on extensive wearer input, to provide our most comfortable garment design that enables a greater range of movement while stretching and bending, provides a more tailored fit, offers reinforcement in high stress areas for fewer blowouts, utilizes longer zipper front for easier donning and doffing and an elastic waist to better position the garment. Attached respirator-fit hood features elastic around face opening, which is designed to cover neck and chin and fit around respirator face mask. Longer zipper extends to chin for complete coverage of neck area. Elastic openings at wrists allow for a tighter fit. Attached Tyvek® FC boots have special coating to provide added skid resistance.

Certifications: Thickness meets ASTM D1777.
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