Plain Jacket Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter, Parr®

Supplier: Parr Instrument Company
1341EB 1341EE
19420-034EA 13443.15 USD
19420-034 19420-035
Plain Jacket Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter, Parr®
Reliable calorimeter recommended for occasional and intermittent users (10-12 tests/day)

Molded double wall construction provides effective insulation. Using the supplied digital thermometer, standard deviations of uniform samples should not exceed 0.3%.

Excellent for teaching calorimetric determinations. Easy to set up and operate, no permanent connections required.

Certifications: CSA certified.

Ordering information: Supplied with Parr® 1108 oxygen bomb, oxygen filling connectors, Model 6775 digital thermometer, thermometer reading lens, 6 stainless steel combustion capsules, fuse wire, bomb head support stand, cover stand, calorific standard benzoic acid pellets (vial of 10), and the required ignition unit.
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