WaterPro® PS/HPLC and PS HPLC/UF Hybrid Polishing Stations, Labconco®

Supplier: Labconco
30181-398EA 1069.4 USD
WaterPro® PS/HPLC and PS HPLC/UF Hybrid Polishing Stations, Labconco®
Water Purification Systems Deionizers
Designed for analytical and research labs requiring Type I (up to 18.2 megohm-cm) water having total organic carbon (TOC) levels <5 ppb

Automatic continuous recirculation through the polishing loop maintains water quality, minimizes bacterial growth, and reduces rinse-up time. A TOC flush valve allows a small portion of the purified water to drain during automatic recirculation so a low TOC level is maintained. In-line dual UV reactor (185nm and 254nm wavelengths) reduces bacteria and organic chemicals. Stations include a power switch, LED water purity level display, and timed control dispensing valve which offers delivery up to 1.8L per minute. Steel cabinets measure 79.1Wx19.6Dx21.9Hcm (311/8x73/4x85/8"). The overall height with bowls attached is 73.3cm (287/8").

Models 26301-855 and 26301-676 have a dispensing valve. Models 26301-856 and 26301-854 have the dispensing valve and a hand-held dispensing gun with 0.91m (3') recirculating line. Models 30181-412 and -414 dispense only HPLC water from the valve and only ultra-filtered (pyrogen-free) water from the gun. Dispensing module(s) are incorporated within the polishing station — no separate module is required.

Stations include pure polypropylene bowls for one activated carbon cartridge, two deionization cartridges, and one organic adsorption cartridge (not included). Required polishing kit 30181-398 includes one cartridge for each bowl.

Certifications: The 220V models are CE marked.

Ordering information: Manufacturer’s one-year warranty on parts and labor. Stations include 2.4m (8') three-wire cord. Optional hollow fiber final filter can be used on dispensing valve or gun to remove all particulates and bacteria larger than 0.2µm in diameter.
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