Koolit® Gel Packs, Gel Pack Refrigerants, Cold Chain Technologies

Supplier: Cold Chain Technologies
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33500-358CS 113.62 USD
33500-358 10813-684 89049-360 75784-520 33500-594 33500-354 CA10813-684 89049-356 33500-356 89049-358 33500-360 33500-350 89049-362 33500-362 80080-904 89049-364 89039-566 75801-064
Koolit® Gel Packs, Gel Pack Refrigerants, Cold Chain Technologies
Cooling Packs
Formulated from nontoxic materials, these reusable Koolit® refrigerant gel packs maintain the thermal profile of temperature-sensitive products safely and more efficiently than ice.

The 500 Series gel packs contain a CMC-based gel formation, while the 500-ST Series packs contain a suppressed temperature gel formation. Both feature a puncture-resistant laminate foil film exterior. The 600 Series gel packs consist of a long-lasting polymer gel formulation in a 5mil thick white polyethylene pouch. They are ideal for one-time use or disposable applications.

Use the 0°C (32°F) gel formulation for the shipment of refrigerated products, and the –23°C (–10°F) formulation for products that need to stay below freezing temperatures.
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