VWR® Sample Bags for the Seward Stomacher® Blender

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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10048-888CS 911.63 USD
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VWR® Sample Bags for the Seward Stomacher® Blender
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Sample bags are designed to withstand the paddle action of Stomacher® lab blenders.

  • Pure or hybrid polyethylene construction
  • Highly transparent
  • Suitable for general-purpose blending or analysis testing
  • Some bags feature write-on strip
  • Malleable yet durable

FILTRA-BAG® bags are made of a mix of polyethylene and nylon.

SECURE-T® bags are made of heat extruded polyethylene tubing for internal sterility and to eliminate the need for side seals. Bags are malleable yet durable, with superior wall strength. May be used in general-purpose blending or analysis testing.

The LABRACK® storage rack, an ideal tool for storing samples, is designed to store up to ten 400 series blender bags, closed with a clip, in their upright position.

All standard and closure bags are made of highly transparent polypropylene and have wide-sealed bottoms to prevent leaks. Bags with 4 mm wall thickness are for analyses of firmer samples. Standard bags are made with heat-extruded virgin polyethylene tubing and feature a tear-off sterile barrier top to ensure sterility up to the time of use. Closure bags permit collection, transportation, blending, and storage of samples all within the same bag. They are available with regular wire or extra-strength flat wire closures. Some bags feature a write-on strip for easier sample identification.
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