Boston Round Bottles, Amber, Narrow Mouth, WHEATON®, DWK Life Sciences

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences
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Boston Round Bottles, Amber, Narrow Mouth, WHEATON®, DWK Life Sciences
Bottles Glass Bottles
Wheaton Boston round bottles are manufactured from amber soda-lime glass that conforms to USP Type III requirements.

Boston round bottles are offered with a choice of PTFE faced foam polyethylene liner with polypropylene cap, poly-vinyl liner with polypropylene cap, PE cone liner with black phenolic cap, or rubber liner with black phenolic cap.

These narrow mouth bottles facilitate pouring and storage of liquids. Each case of bottles is packaged in convenience packs with caps attached to maintain cleanliness. The partitioned carton protects bottles from scratches during shipping, and they become useful for storing samples. Each case of bottles also includes a hazardous communication label and tamper evident seal if labeling and/or sealing is required.

Ordering information: Bottles are available with caps attached or in bulk packs without caps. Extra screw caps can be purchased separately.
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