Disposable Spinner Flasks, Corning®

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Disposable Spinner Flasks, Corning®
Flasks Spinner Flasks
Disposable spinner flasks are supplied ready-to-use with paddle and integrated magnet, eliminating the need for assembly or cleaning procedures

Optional vent and aseptic transfer caps are available. Both styles feature PVDF membranes with 0.2µm pore size. Aseptic transfer caps are designed to fit the side arms of the spinner flasks. They feature separate venting and liquid transfer ports, complete with dip tube and male luer lock connector.

Manufactured from ISO 10993 compliant virgin polystyrene, these vessels are comparable to conventional glass spinner flasks for the growth of suspension cell lines and any attachment-dependent cultures using microcarrier beads. The 1000 and 3000mL impellers are manufactured from ISO 10993 compliant polypropylene. All caps are manufactured from high density polyethylene. Paddle size and height is optimized for each vessel size. An integrated magnet provides smooth, even rotation at required speeds on slow-speed stirrers. Heat build-up in the vessel is reduced by means of a specially designed flange that raises the vessel off of the stir-plate surface for the 125 and 500mL flasks only. Flasks are sterilized by gamma radiation and certified nonpyrogenic.
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