Celstir® Suspension Culture Flasks, Wheaton

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences
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Celstir® Suspension Culture Flasks, Wheaton
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For quality laboratory production and trypsinizing suspended cell cultures

Flask design provides an optimum inert cell growth environment. An adjustable blade impeller maximizes incubator space and provides maximum turbulence. A bottom dimple (on 125mL and larger sizes) prevents crushing of cells beneath the magnetic impeller and improves cell yield. Units larger than 250mL have 45mm sidearms, which can be used as air vents, media inlet/outlet ports, inoculation port, or to accommodate a pH probe. The screw cap assembly provides a positive seal using a fluoropolymer resin liner backed with silicone rubber. Easy to clean and assemble, the assembly can be autoclaved as a unit.

Designed for use with the Wheaton Biostir® Stirrers (see 12000-906 series).

Ordering information: Supplied with glass flask, fluoropolymer resin and glass impeller assembly, and fluoropolymer resin-lined top cap.
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