Pyroprobe, 4000

Supplier: CDS Analytical
76836-896EA 14988.3 USD
Pyroprobe, 4000
Chromatography Systems Gas Chromatographs
The Model 4000 is the most compact, lightweight, and convenient unit for performing analytical pyrolyzis on polymers and plastics.

  • Economical single-step pyrolyzer
  • Connects to any conventional GC or FT-IR
  • Single needle connection through injection port

The CDS Model 4000 Pyroprobe® is a compact and lightweight pyroprobe specifically developed to address the requirements of these users. Offering the same heating and accuracy specifications as more sophisticated pyroprobe counterparts, the Model 4000 is available at a much economical price. The design simplicity makes installation easy and quick, and your Model 4000 can be disconnected from any conventional GC in seconds.

Includes control module, and two ¹/₄" coil probe rods, desorption probe handle and (1) Tenax desorption tube, sample handling kit, GC Remote Start, and PC Software. The Model 4000 resistively heated element with coiled platinum filament allows for pulse or slow rate pyrolyzis and thermal desorption of the sample. Pyrolyzis-heating rates programmable in degrees per millisecond, degrees per second, and degrees per minute.

Thermo Trace Ultra GC: A Thermo purge and trap adapter kit is required. Thermo Trace 1310 requires a hot injector adapter (Thermo #1905-0733) to be installed by a Thermo technician prior to installation of the CDS Pyroprobe. A standard split/splitless injection port module (no Helium Saver Option) is required. Thermo GC systems utilizing an AI1310 liquid autoinjector. The autoinjector MUST use a Gemini mounting plate. When ordering, please specify GC make and model number.

Additional specifications:
- Filament temperature: 1 °C increments to 1300 °C
- Heating rates: 0.1 °C/min to 20,000 °C/s
- Heating time: 0.1 s to 999.9 min
- Interface temperature: 1 °C increments to 350 °C

Certifications: Not CE certified.

Delivery information: Supplied with user manual and all necessary consumables and accessories.
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