Standalone Purge and Trap Concentrator, 8500C

Supplier: CDS Analytical
76836-902EA 14971.7 USD
Standalone Purge and Trap Concentrator, 8500C
Chromatography Systems Gas Chromatographs
The CDS 8500C is next evolution in CDS’ 40-year history in the purge and trap market and offers the highest performance to meet EPA regulatory methods.

  • Standalone purge and trap concentrator
  • Manually loaded water and soil samples
  • 8-port high temperature valve
  • Interfaces with conventional GC
  • Inert coated sample pathways
  • Foam sensor and overflow protection
  • Clog resistant, wide bore drain solenoid
  • Linear, type-K focusing trap

The 8500C is a standalone purge and trap concentrator for water or soil, single sample loading. This comes equipped with a dual-channel mass flow controller to support both N2 and He purge gases. Additionally, the 8500C supports an 8-port high temperature valve permitting online moisture removal. A linear, Type-K focusing trap is installed as the default trap. The high performance of the 8500C is able to meet and exceed the requirements set by the USEPA for drinking water and wastewater standards.

Additional specifications:
- Valve oven max. temperature: 300 °C
- Trap heater max. temperature: 300 °C
- GC transferline max. temperature: 350 °C
- Sparge heater max. temperature: 90 °C

Ordering information: Installation not included (must order through CDS Analytical separately).
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