Automated Thermal Desorber, 7550S

Supplier: CDS Analytical
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Automated Thermal Desorber, 7550S
Chromatography Systems Gas Chromatographs
The 7550S thermal desorber the most cost-effective solution for automated air sampling analysis in the market.

  • 72 position thermal desorption autosampler
  • Interfaces with conventional GC
  • Electronic peltier cooled focusing trap
  • Supports sample splitting and internal standard addition
  • High temperature valve oven to support VOC analysis
  • No special caps required for sample tubes
  • Built-in leak checking and tube conditioning

The 7550S offers a robust, 72-position autosampler for thermally desorbing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) collected on 4.5" long and 1/4" diameter tubes to the GC-MS for analysis. The system comes equipped with sample splitting, electronic cold trapping (Peltier), and internal standard addition capabilties. C2-C40 analysis is supported with this confirguration and meets the requirements of USEPA method TO-17.

Sample tubes are stored in vessels on the autosampler rack, so purchase of special storage caps is not needed.
Note: Sampling onto thermal desorption tubes is done offline. Sample tubes containing VOCs are loaded onto the 7550S for desorption to the GC-MS.

Additional specifications:
- Valve oven max. temperature: 300 °C
- Tube heater max. temperature: 400 °C
- Trap heater max. temperature: 400 °C
- GC transferline max. temperature: 350 °C
- Peltier cold trap min. temperature: –20 °C

Ordering information: Installation not included (must order through CDS Analytical separately).
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