CompactDry™ TCR (Total Count Rapid) for Aerobic Colony Counts, Hardy Diagnostics

Supplier: Hardy Diagnostics
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CompactDry™ TCR (Total Count Rapid) for Aerobic Colony Counts, Hardy Diagnostics
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CompactDry™ is a ready-to-use dehydrated culture media system that reduces the time needed to perform everyday microbial testing on food, cannabis, meat, cosmetics, raw materials, and more.

  • Rapid results in just 24 hours
  • Dye indicator gives enumerated results
  • CompactDry™ is room temperature stable. Competitive products require refrigerated storage
  • Rigid plate design is easy to label, manipulate, and stack
  • Self-diffusing media does not require stamping or spreading
  • Plate headspace allows three-dimensional colony growth and colony picking for subculture and ID
  • Plate design assures sample containment and eliminates possible sample leakage seen with other film-based products
  • All colonies are easy to read from center to rim
  • Long shelf-life, room temperature storage

CompactDry™ TCR is a method recommended for the determination of total aerobic bacterial counts. Plates are measurable after only 24 hours of incubation.

Simply add 1 ml of the prepared sample to the center of the plate. The sample will self-defuse and rehydrate media fully on its own. No stamping or spreading needed.

Certifications: CompactDry™ TCR was granted Performance Tested Method (PTM) status by the AOAC Research Institute for the detection of total aerobic bacterial counts from a variety of foods after 24 hours of incubation (PTM 082201).
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