Mica Widefield and Widefocal Microscopes, Leica Microsystems

Supplier: Leica
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76635-928EA 17566 USD
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Mica Widefield and Widefocal Microscopes, Leica Microsystems
More than a highly automated microscope, Mica unites widefield and confocal imaging in a sample protecting environment. With the simple push of a button, you have everything you need all in one place to supercharge fluorescence imaging workflows and get meaningful scientific results faster.

  • Now you can focus on your science, not figuring out your microscope
  • Access for all
  • No constraints
  • Radically simplified workflows

Mica provides a clear sample overview and allows to easily change observation conditions with just a few clicks. The Microhub enables you to simultaneously capture all four labels of different structures in a single acquisition from low to high magnification, without ever moving your sample. You can select from multiple imaging modalities all within one Microhub, including widefield, thunder imaging, Z-stacks, time-lapse and more.

Intelligent automation and AI-supported analysis enables greater efficiency and a faster track to publication.

Ordering information: All components listed below are required for a complete Mica system, including training and service installation. Choose between the Mica Widefield or WideFocal. Live Cell capabilities (carbon dioxide, hypoxia, humidity, and temperature control) are also available, by request. Please contact your Avantor representative for more information.

Delivery information: Please contact your Avantor representative for the most updated lead times.
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